Friday, July 25, 2008

Federation Of Genealogical Societies 2008 Conference

John Hamrock of will be attending the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference entitled, “Footprints of Family History”, which will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from Wednesday, September 3rd through Saturday, September 6th, 2008.

This promises to be an exciting event particularly in helping those in their genealogical professional development. It will also be a great opportunity to speak with the many US genealogy enthusiasts about the future market for genealogy information.

Genealogists and archivists from Ireland will be well represented at the conference.

• Gregory O’Connor from the National Archives of Ireland
• Eileen O’Duíll, CG, Professional Genealogist, speaking on Irish research and professional development
• Seán O’Duíll, Irish Folklorist, speaking on marriage customs in 19th Century Ireland
• John Hamrock, author of Tracing Your Roscommon Ancestors and sponsor of
• Dr. James Ryan of Flyleaf Press who will be displaying Flyleaf’s interesting range of Irish genealogical and family history books at the TIARA exhibition at the conference
• A number of members of the Irish Family History Foundation
• Other professional and amateur genealogists from Ireland

More information about the conference can be obtained at Hopefully, we will see you there!

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